Amankora: 5 Luxury Lodges 


Amankora  was the first privately owned foreign hotelgroup to set up 5 luxury lodges in Bhutan. As part of the renowned Aman-group, all lodges are carefully designed with respect for local traditions.The service level of the 5 Amankora Lodges is outstanding in every respect and for years the Amankora Lodges are considered to be the best luxury accommodation in Bhutan

The Amankora Experience

Amankora Bhutan has 5 luxury lodges in the 5 main valleys of the Kingdom, enabling travellers to have a 'full Aman'-experience during their Bhutan-trip. Each lodge reflects the specific character of each valley. The first lodge was opened in Paro in 2004, while the last one opened its doors in 2007 in the sacred valley of Bumthang. Other lodges are located in Thimphu, Punakha and Phobjika.


Amankora gets his name from the Sanskrit word 'Aman' meaning 'peace' and the Bhutanese word 'Kora' meaning 'circular pilgrimage'. And indeed, booking a tour with Amankora Lodges is more a kind of spiritual journey than just booking a 'luxury hotel tour'.

The rooms in all 5 lodges are designed in the same style and layout, which makes you feel at home, even if you change hotels every time. A lot of attention is given to create a very personal experience. The dedicated teams of every lodge certainly go the extra mile to make every traveller comfortable and to make him/her enjoy Bhutan in their own way.


Each lodge offers its own activity-program from soft hikes to cultural shows, talks with a Buddhist lama, meditation classes, cooking workshops, wellness treatments... 


For those wanting to make a 'Grand Bhutan Tour in Style'  the Amankora Lodges are certainly worth considering. Some of our travellers also include one or two Amankora Lodges in a longer journey to have an occassional luxury splash.


Each Bhutan trip is carefully designed by experienced travel specialists, giving complete attention to your personal interests and preferences.


Price Level: $$$$$

Prices depend on the hotelselection, travelperiod, number of persons, exchange rates,... Please ask for a quotation through our quotation form.