Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary


One of the latest additions in luxury hospitality in Bhutan, Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is the first 5-star luxury resort that offers traditional spa-inclusive to its guests. Guests can enjoy traditional massages, meditations, hot stone baths and herbal treatments.

Halfway between Paro and Thimphu it is a perfect place to unwind and focus on your personal well-being.


Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary: created with a vision

The Sanctuary was founded by Louk Lenaerts, who made a career in developping several luxury resorts in Asia. After a visit to Bhutan he wanted to create a new kindind of hospitality project, not the usual luxury resort.  As modern travellers want to experience the destination and get hold of the culture and the values, his aim was to create a place where travellers feel like being part of Bhutan. A place where guests can focus on their own well-beiing, body, mind and spirit.

Together with his team Louk created this delightful resort in the Neyphu Valley, a small valley inbetween Paro and Thimphu.


Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary: the experience

The Sanctuary is not a luxury hotel for a one night stay during a roadtrip through Bhutan. Most guests stay at least 3 to 4 nights enjoying the atmosphere and /or using it as a 'basecamp' to explore the nearby cities of Paro and Thimphu, and the famous Tigers Nest.

With only 24 rooms in 2 categories (Balcony Rooms and Terrace Rooms) the staff can give complete attention to the particular wellbeing of every guest. All rooms have tremendous views over the valley.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary works with an all inclusive formula: breakfast, lunch and a 6-course dinner are included, as well as the traditional spa treatments, meditation and yoga-classes, use of the swimming pool, sauna, etc...

Other possible activities include hikes in the valley, meeting with monks in the nearby monastery and off course visits to some of the cultural highlights of Paro and Thimphu.


"Staying in Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is like being part of Bhutan, the happiest country in the world, getting away from the ratrace and completely being immersed in the values of the Bhutanese people"


We can include Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary in any Bhutan tour, although we recommend to stay at least 3 nights in this accommodation. The Sanctuary is fantastic place for those who want to visit some of the main cultural highlights of Bhutan and combine this with a bit of wellbeing.


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