Combination Tours in Asia

Combination and Multicountry Tours in Asia: Bhutan, Myanmar, India, Nepal


Visiting two or even three countries in one trip is becoming more and more popular. Of course this requires some thinking to put alll the pieces together, but Asia Travel Design is happy to do this for you.

All our local teams are closely connected, work in the same professional way and will make sure you have a smooth and seamless trip in Asia.

There are some classic combinations like India & Nepal or Nepal & Tibet ,but what about a combination of Myanmar and Bhutan, a combination of Bhutan and Ladakh, or a combination of Myanmar and a glimpse of Cambodia ?

We just give you an idea of some lesser known multicountry tours that might inspire you.

Feel free to contact us for any multicountry tour you would like to do in Asia

Myanmar and Bhutan combination

Myanmar and Bhutan are both Buddhist countries, following a different lineage in Buddhism. They have a lot of things in common, but beauty lies in the difference.

Myanmar has a hot and tropical climate, while Bhutan has a typical Himalayan climate with strong winters and wet summers. The best travelperiod for both countries is more or less the same (October to April), so in terms of weather a combination tour to Bhutan and Myanmar is absolutely ok.

Bhutanese and Burmese are both very warm and welcoming people, in their own way. Cheerful and ever smiling in Myanmar. A bit more reserved, but deeply interested in Bhutan.

Landscapes and nature are of course completely different, which makes a Bhutan - Myanmar combination tour very diverse for nature lovers


If you,only want to see the highlights of both countries you will need about 2 weeks.

In Bhutan this includes visits to the capital Thimphu and surroundings, the fertile Punakha Valley, Paro and of course the Tigers Nest.

In Myanmar there is time for a short visit to Shwedagon in Yangon and for a tour along the major highlights in Mandalay, Bagan and Inle,

If you have more time, you can see more of each country of course or travel at a slower pace.


For this combination tour we normally use Bangkok as a hub. Depending on the itinerary, you can spent some time in this vibrant city as well (or even visit some other places in Thailand or Cambodia).


Ladakh and Bhutan Combination

Two of the most important Buddhist regions in one trip. The green hills and snowcapped mountains of  Bhutan and the barren moonland of Ladakh, will show you a diversity in Himalayan landscapes.

Both destinations boast beautiful Buddhist monasteries and temples. Although the Buddhism they practice has a lot in common, there are much differences as well in the way they practice their traditions.

In any case, both regions offer a very rewarding insight in Buddhist life and practices, combined with natural marvels.

If you want to see the highlights of both regions you will need about 2 weeks. 

In Bhutan you can visit Tigers Nest, the capital Thimphu and surrounding, the valley of Punakha and Paro.

In Ladakh visits to Leh, Lamayuru and monasteries as Thiksey and Hemis can be included.

Both regions have luxury accomodation options available like Six Senses in Bhutan  or Chamba Camps in Ladakh

For this combination we use Delhi as a hub, so you can extend your journey further into India with visits to e.g. Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, Varanasi,...


The Himalayan Odyssey: India - Bhutan - Nepal

Combining thé 3 Himalayan destinations in one great roadtrip.... A unique experience that we designed for several travellers in recent years. Depending on the available time we design an itinerary including all the highligts, but also with ample time to fully experience the typical character of each region. The longest trip we created in recent years was a 6-weeks journey with all the Himalayan Highlights (Ladakh, Darjeeling, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet), but even in 3-4 weeks it's possible to make a light version of this Himalayan Odyssey. On 90% of the locations luxury accommodation can be provided: stylish high end boutique resorts, a luxury penthouse, a colonial houseboat, an eco-villa retreat, a comfortable mountainlodge,...


Ladakh, the magical Moonland with his whitewashed monasteries, is a very special part of India that looks more Tibetan than the Tibetan Motherland. Strange shaped rockformations, high mountainpasses, clear mountainlakes and green valleys make it a real delight for passionate photographers. Extend your journey to Kashmir,  for centuries a comfortable abode during the hot Indian summers.

The City of Joy, Kolkatta, is the gateway for Darjeeling, famous for its tea plantations and for Sikkim and Assam. 

From Sikkim or Assam we enter magical Bhutan, one of the most authentic countries in the world. Buddhism can be found here in its purest form with impressive fortress-monasteries (called 'dzong'), carefully maintained tempels and white stupas along every road. The journey from East to West offers you a complete picture of the rich culture, the lush nature and the friendly people of Bhutan, although a shorter tour can give you a good impression of Bhutan as well.

Nepal has the highest mountains in the world and is a superb place for all kind of mountain adventures. The valley of Kathmandu has a rich cultural background with old royal cities and worldfamous Buddhist shrines.

Embark on this odyssey and let us create your Himalaya Grand Tour !