Myanmar- Green Hills and Golden Pagoda's

Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar, the former Burma, is one of the emerging travel destinations in Asia. After a long period of political instability and isolation, this magical land  really opened its gates  a couple of years  ago. 

Travelling through Myanmar is a leap back in time. Wandering through small villages, strolling through local markets, you soon imagine yourself a few decades back in a mysterious Asia that has long since disappeared in many other places. Although Myanmar has become more and more popular as a travel destination in recent years, one can still enjoy a very authentic part of Asia in peace and quiet.

A colourful mix of cultural highlights, warm-hearted people and incomparable nature ensures that a trip to Myanmar leaves no one unmoved.



What to do in Myanmar?

Myanmar has a lot to offer for those looking for a encounter with the Asian lifestyle and traditions in its purest form. Although cities like Yangon look more and more like other Asian Big Cities, most of Myanmar still is a very rural area where people live from farming, fishing and trading. 

Due to its isolation a lot of the cultural heritage is well preserved.  Bagan and Mandalay will ring a bell with every world traveller, but there are plenty of old villages with scenic pagoda's and buddhist monasteries. 

If you are looking for a more active kind of holiday several village-treks through the rolling hills provide a good way to get in touch with the local people. Cycling tours have become quite popular the last few years: not only relaxing daytrips in the countryside, but also longer multiday-adventures that take you along the major highlights of Myanmar.

Families with children will certainly enjoy a trip to Myanmar:  there is lots to see and do, Burmese are fond of children and no long (and boring) drives are necessary to fully experience the country.

You can end any Myanmar-trip with some relaxing days on the unspoilt beaches or even on a private island in the Andaman Sea.

Travel to Myanmar

There are no direct flights from Europe to Myanmar, so most travellers enter the country with a  flight coming from Bangkok or the Gulf.   Yangon and Mandalay are the main international airports. It can be a good idea to fly in to Yangon and fly out from Mandalay (or vice versa).

In Myanmar there's a network of domestic flights between the major cities like Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle,.. which can be useful for travellers with limited time.  

Travellers who want to come overland to Myanmar mostly enter the country through one of the border crossings with Northern Thailand.

Best Time to go to Myanmar

Myanmar has a tropical climate with 3 main seasons; the hot season, the monsoon season and the cool season.

The monsoon season runs generally from May till October. Especially in the south of Myanmar heavy rains and floodings can be expected. Higher up north in the hills however the temperature can be pleasant. Rains mostly fall in the afternoon or during the night. The mornings can be pleasant for walks and there are less tourists everywhere. Visiting places like Bagan, Mandalay, Inle and Yangon shouldn't be a problem at this time. Coastal areas get more rain and beach resorts generally close in het monsoon period.

The hot, dry season runs from March to May. It can get very hot in the lower parts of the country and on the plains. There  is only a slight chance of rain and if you're staying in comfortable hotels and travelling with an a/c car, this is a fine period to visit Myanmar.

The cool season from October to March is the main tourist season for Myanmar. November and December are quite busy months in some places as it is also the festival season. Myanmar however doesn't have the mass tourism like Thailand, so overall it is relatively calm.

Temperatures are very mild in the cool season. The weather is sunny and dry. This is definitely the best period to travel in Myanmar. If you want to avoid the crowds, please consider travelling in January - February.

Myanmar with Asia Travel Design

Our first trip to Myanmar goes back to the early 2000's. We still remember a country with almost no infrastructure, a lot of bureaucracy and restrictions everywhere. 

A lot has changed since those days and it is now perfectly possible to 'travel in style' to Myanmar. On the ground we closely work together with a dedicated team of local professionals under European management.  Our trips go beyond the classic  Yangon - Mandalay - Bagan - triangle  and we (try to ) spice up your tour with fun activities like cooking classes, short hikes, contacts with local people, visits of locally run NGO-projects and much more.

Get inspired by some travel experiences in Myanmar