Cycling in Myanmar


Exploring Myanmar by bike is one of the best options to experience the country. A lot of travellers include some light (half)day-rides in their itineraries: a good way to stretch the legs and to make contacts with the Burmese and their lifestyle.

For keen bikers we also organise multiday trips that give you the opportunity to fully experience Myanmar in an active way

Some ideas for cycling trips in Myanmar

All our cycling excursions are guided by a local, Englishspeaking bikeguide. Refreshments and meals are provided, as well as state-of-the-art bicycles and a repairservice

Cycling Beyond Yangon

At a first glance, Yangon doesn't seem to be a very bike-friendly city. Nevertheless a lot of Burmese ye their bicycles to go to work or to go shopping. On this bike tour we take you along small alleys, away from the main roads to experience the real Yangon. We also take a local ferry across the river and go biking through the Dala-district, a rural part of Yangon that throws you back in time.

Cycling in and around Bagan

One of the best ways to explore the temples of Bagan is by bike or e-bike. A private guide will take you for a short or longer bike excursion, visiting some lesser known temples. The trip can be adapted according to your fitness level.

For those looking for a more active ride, the countryside around Bagan offers some great cycling opportunities with small gravel roads leading to remote villages in the so-called 'Dry Zone'.  A long day trip can even bring you to the old merchant town of Salay from where you can return by boat.

Cycling and boating on Inle Lake

A very nice biking tour we operate regularly is on the vast Inle Lake. We takes bikes on one of our private boats and offer you a good mix between biking and boating. Some stretches are covered by boat, but the bikes give us the chance to explore the colourful hinterland away from the Lake.

Cycling in the hills around Pindaya and Kalaw

A bit more active biking through the rolling hills in the area of Pindaya and Kalaw (close to Inle). Now and then you will have some tough climbs (esp. in the hot season), but there are long descents as well. The region is full of farming villages and green hills crowned with golden pagoda's. A backup-vehicle will assist you, so you can always get in the van if you feel tired.

Cycling in and around Mandalay

Mandalay is a very big and spreadout city, that can easily be discovered by bike. Mostly we take a ferry to the big pagoda of Mingun, cycle onwards to the island of Ava and end our tour in Amarapura and near the U Bein Bridge. A full day cycling that deserves a 'Mandalay Sour' upon return !

Cycling around Hpa Ann

The region around Hpa Ann in the southern part of Myanmar has some nice options for biking with views on Mount Zwekabin and some impressive limestone rockformations that rise between the green rice paddies.


    These are just some ideas that can be easily combined into a longer, multiday cycling tour in Myanmar. 

    As we work completely tailormade. feel free to contact us for personal itinerary according to your wishes. 

    Prices depend on the hotelselection, travelperiod, number of persons, exchange rates,... Please ask for a quotation through our quotation form.