Nepal - Mountains and Traditions

Travel to Nepal and see the Himalayas

 Nepal has attracted travellers for decades. With 8 of the highest mountains in the world on its territory, it is one of the  world's main destinations for mountainlovers and hikers.  It is a magical country that suffered a lot in recent times, but always shows the strength to restart again.

Timeless traditions reflect the soul of the warmhearted Nepalese.  Ancient Buddhist stupa's and old Hindu shrines attract endless streams of colourful pilgrims. Bengal Tigers and majestic rhinos wander in subtropical forests. Snowclad mountainranges and green ricepaddies are the backdrop of every Nepal trip. 

A trip to Nepal will leave you with everlasting memories.


What to do in Nepal ?

Enjoying the mountains and nature is the main attraction from Nepal. There are treks for every fitness level. Those who are less active can enjoy the mountainscenery on short hikes or by staying in one of our selected accommodations.

The Kathmandu Valley is the main cultural attraction of the country.  It generally takes about 3 days to explore the cultural highlights of the Valley with cities like Bhaktapur and Patan. Kathmandu City itself is a vibrant, though polluted, town with some of the most interesting cultural landmarks in Asia like the giant stupa of Bodnath and the Unesco-listed templesite of Pashupatinath.

Further down south, near the border with India, one enters a different Nepal: the Nepal of the Terai, the lowlands where rhinos and tigers roam through some interesting National Parks like Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park.


Nepal attracts all kinds of travellers. There are options to enjoy the mountainscenery and experience the Nepalese culture for everyone. 

Active hikers will surely enjoy themselves on one of our fully serviced treks, while more relax travellers can enjoy nature by making short dayhikes from a comfortable hotel. Other activities include rafting, mountainbiking, birdwatching and nature photography.

For families with children Nepal is a very rewarding destination with lots of activities and cheerful people. The perfect place to spent some quality time with your family ! 

Travel to Nepal

Nepal can be reached with some of the major airlines from the Gulf (like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad,...) and there are fast connections from Europe with Turkish Airlines. Of course there are lot of connections with major hubs in Asia like Delhi, Bangkok, Hongkong, Singapore... offering splendid opportunities to combine several countries.

Overland entry is  possible at a few border checkpoints with India and Tibet. It sometimes involves long driving, but can be considered as an option for those who want to combine Nepal - India and Tibet.

Best Time to go to Nepal

Most travellers to Nepal come from February to May, and from September to November- December. In these periods mountainviews are generally good and there is allmost no rainfall.  Most mountainlovers come in October and November for classic treks to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna. Nevertheless, monts like March - April and May are perfect for trekking as well with nature awakening after the  harsh winterperiod.

For trekkings on lower altitudes (under 3000m)  December, January and February are good months as well

A short visit to the Kathmandu Valley to visit the cultural highlights can be made whole year round.

If you're a planning to visit the National Parks in the Terai, then only the monsoon months (July - August) are best avoided, as the vegetation is high and the chances of spotting animals are much lower.

Nepal with Asia Travel Design

Nepal is the country where it all began for us.  In the midnineties we arrived in Kathmandu as part of a long trip through Asia.  The plan was to stay in Nepal for about 6 weeks, but we ended up staying about 3 months trekking through the mountains, rafting the raging rivers and experiencing the Nepal hospitality.  Almost every year we went back and travelled extensively throughout the country. Supported by a local team that became more like a family, we operate all kind of Nepal tours nowadays from tough trekkings to family holidays, from luxury VIP-tours to relaxing staycations in a typical retreat near the Himalayas.

We have our own office setup in Kathmandu to make sure your Nepaltrip will become a succes in every aspect.

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